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# Scene One: (Nuha and Sally)

Nuha: Hello, my name is Nuha. What is your name?

Sally: My name is Sally.

Nuha: Where are you from?

Sally: I am from Mubaila. Where are you from?

Nuha: I am from Al Hail. What do you do?

Sally: I am a housewife. And you?

Nuha: I am a student at Naba alkhair Institute.

Sally: Oh! Nice. Can I visit the institute?

Nuha: Yes, of course. Let's go together.


# Scene Two:(At the Institute, Nuha, Sally, Sandy, and Rania)

Nuha: Hello girls. How are you?

Sandy: Hello Nuha. We are fine. What about you?

Nuha: I am fine. This is a new visitor.

Sally: Hello girls. My name is Sally.  What are your names?

Sandy: I am Sandy.

Rania: I am Rania.

Nuha: Oh girls, can you give her a brief introduction about you?

Sandy: Yes, of course. My name is Sandy. I am a student at Naba alkhair Institute.  I am 26 years old. I am from Al Suwaiq. I am married and I have one little daughter.

Sally: Nice to meet you Sandy.

Sandy: Nice to meet you too.

Rania: I  am Rania. I am a student at Naba alkhair Institute.  I am 28  years old. I am from Al Hail. I am not married. Welcome to you in our institute.

Sally: Thank you very much.

Sandy: Let's go to see our colleagues. Now they will be at the library.

Rania: That is a good idea. What is the time now?

Sandy: It is quarter past ten.

Nuha: Let's go friends.


# Scene Three: (At the Library, Dema and Rema)

Dema: Excuse me Rema.

Rema: Yes Dema.

Dema: Do you have a dictionary?

Rema: I am sorry I don't. It is at home.

Dema: That is ok.

Rema: Wait, now I remember that our teacher told us about an online dictionaries.

 Dema: Oh yes. Can you remind me it's name?

 Rema: Yes of course, it is Cambridge Dictionaries.

 Dema:  How much does it cost?

 Rema: There are two online Dictionaries, one is free, and the other costs 11.99 dollars.

 Dema: Let's try the free one.

 Rema: Ok dear.

 Dema: Oh great. It is interesting. Thank you Rema.

 Rema: You are welcome dear.

# Scene Four: (At the Library, Dema, Rema, Rania, Sandy, Sally and Nuha)


Rania: Hello girls.

 Dema: Hello, how are you?

 Rania: We are fine.

 Dema: I see a new face with you. Who is she?

 Sandy: She is Sally.

 Rania: These are our colleagues, Dema and Rema.

 Dema: Hello Sally, nice to meet you.

 Sally: Nice to meet you too.

 Nuha: Sally come here to know about our  study at Naba alkhair Institute.

 Rema: Welcome to you Sally. Feel free to ask any questions.

 Sally: Thank you girls. What are the subjects you study here?

 Sandy: We study Quran, Tagwid, Arabic, History of Oman, and other islamic courses.

 Sally: Oh that's Great! How are the teacher?

 Dema: They are kind, helpful and good teachers.

 Sally: Do you have an English class?

 Rania: Yes we have three classes a week.

 Sally: Oh nice. Who teaches you?

 Rania: Mr Ahmed. He is from Egypt. He is  very nice and a very good teacher.

 Sally: It is very nice. I like this islamic study programme. But!

 Sandy: But what?

 Sally: I am married and I have three sons and four daughters. I think it will be difficult for me to study and do my work as a housewife.

 Rema: No Sally you can do it. Dema also has three sons and four daughters.  But she works hard and she is a good student.

 Sally: Really!!

 Rema: Yes. Dema, Isn't it ?

 Dema: Yes, it is.  Allah always support us.

 Rania: You can do it Sally. Go ahead, Rema will help you if you want to register.

 Sally: Thank you very much. Of course I want.

 Rema: Let's go to complete the registration form.


# Scene Five: (At the Office, Rema and Sally)

Rema: Give me your full name please.

Sally: My name is Sally Amur Al kindi.

Rema: Can you tell me your phone number?

Sally: Yes, it is 91788115

Rema: Ok the last thing, can you spell me your email address?

Sally: Yes, it is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rema: Congratulations dear. You can come tomorrow and start your study.

Sally: Thank you very much.  See you tomorrow morning.








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